Data Centre In A Box

Data Centre In A Box replicates all of the key data centre capabilities identified above but on a smaller scale.

A Data Centre facility is used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.



The Data Centre In A Box mitigates risk and provides compelling CAPEX and OPEX benefits:

“Rittal – The System.” stands for efficient system solutions for the IT industry thanks to modularand scalable infrastructures. The ever increasing demands on permanently available IT systems call for customised data centre solutions from a single source. As a long-standing, experienced system partner to the IT industry, Rittal has the expertise for this field’s very specific issues and requirements.

Rittal’s innovative solutions for the IT environment ensure reliability, availability and optimum costefficiency for server/network technology and data centre construction. “Rittal – The System.” demonstrates its strengths in:


„„ On-premise cloud infrastructure
„„ Remote / Branch office environments
„„ Retail
„„ Finance & Banking sector
„„ Warehouse/logistics Hubs
„„ Oil/Gas/Mining
„„ National / Local Government
„„ IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) component
„„ Small and medium enterprises
„„ Network closets
„„ Office communication rooms
„„ Manufacturing
„„ Process automation in harsh environments
„„ Edge Computing




Technology Features:


The ideal basis for all network and server technology requirements.The TS IT rack from Rittal also promises top quality in terms of safety and reliability. „„ High load capacity - Load capacity of up to 1,500 kg „„ Variable interior installation „„ Greater confidence - Variants with protection category IP 55, both with and without interior installation „„ Tool-free installation - System accessory mounting using new, timesaving snap-in technology „„ Intelligent cable management - Multi-functional roof for side cable entry, ensures maximum user-friendliness and free air flow for active components. „„ Extensive range of system accessories, for tool-free installation


PDU - Power


With the compact PDU, any IT rack may be easily equipped with a professional power distribution system. With the TS IT rack, assembly is even tool-free. „„ Compact design „„ Easy to assemble „„ Power-saving design, minimal consumption by the PDU itself, thanks to the use of bistable relays and OLED display with power-saving function „„ Energy measurement per phase, i.e. output requirement of an entire IT rack „„ High-end IT rack, power distribution with energy measurement and monitoring functions for each individual output slot






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